by El Rancho, Wednesday 16th April 2014
You might need to hunt for those eggs, but thanks to El Rancho you don't need to search for good times...

Thursday 17th:
- The Cosmic Dead @ Bloc. Glasgow's acid-drenched, psych-rockers peerforming a cluster-fuck of hit jams from new LP, Easterhaus. Loved by our favourites 'Raven sings the Blues' and many more.

Friday 18th:
- El Rancho DJs @ CCA. All the good stuff, you know the script.

Saturday 19th:
- Record Store Day @ Mono and Love Music, Glasgow and all other good stores worldwide. Celebrating everyone's favourite use for wax in various sizes. This year toasted by Sacred Paws, Ubre Blanca and Los Tentakills. Free, fun and for all the family. Last year we bought the Yawns LP, when's the next one coming out folks?
- Sheets of Easter Fest @ 13th Note. El Rancho provides DJ support for this two garage rock fest including our very own Halfrican and hunners more. This is a two day gig, Hot Club host Friday night.
- Ian Nagoski @ The Old Hairdressers. Ian Nagoski returns to Europe for another series of his hypnotic interactive lectures on disappearing music of the 20th Century. Stereo's own Martin Bomber Allen will be playing 78rpm recordings of international music from 1900 -1960.

Sunday 20th:
- The Ex @ Nice n Sleazy. If experimental music is your bag, or if you fancy a new listening hobby, these Dutch pioneers are where it's at.

Monday 19th:
- King Khan in Glasgow. The godfather of Nu-Garage is back in town with his Berlin-based rock and roll soul ensemble, the Shrines.

- Glasgow International across Glasgow. The last day! Our top tips for doing this in a day are... McLellan Galleries, Tramway, Mary Mary and GOMA.

Tuesday 1st April:
- First Leg of the Champions League Semi-FInals. Buy a novelty lager hat and switch your phone off.

Holy-Hot-Cross-Buns! What a week!

by El Rancho, Wednesday 2nd April 2014
The weird and wonderful Counterflows Fest and the start of the GI. A good week to expand your horizons. We'd even suggest going out on a Sunday night ;)

Thursday 3rd:
- Gerard Malanga @ The Poetry Club, SWG3. An Intimate Evening with the American poet, photographer, filmmaker, curator and archivist. As well as performing poetry he'll be showing a new movie called 'Gerard Malanga's Film Notebooks' with vintage footage of the Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan and goings on at Andy Warhol's Factory. Ultra coolness on screen. A photography exhibition of Malanga's work runs in Voidoid Archive, next door.
- New Tempo @ The Poetry Club, SWG3. If you have ventured down to see Malanga's work you'd be as well sticking around for New Tempo, back after a well received debut continue their commitment to promote, celebrate and explore sonic arts, film and performance; expect new work alongside cult gems, amateurs and lo-fi veterans alike.
- The Last Waltz @ The Old Hairdressers. Seany pal is back this month with his music film club fixture, and what a treat he has for you this month! Undoubtedly an El Rancho favorite, a film we've clocked more times than is possible to tally. The Band's 'The Last Waltz' was recorded live at San Francisco's Winterland Ballroom on Thanksgiving, 1976. Directed by Martin Scorsese, it features performances from Dr. John, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Muddy Waters, The Staple Singers and THE BAND! It's their swan song and a must see for any music fan. The interview footage of The Band talking about their history is jaw dropping, funny, wild and sad.

Friday 4th:
- Counterflows Festival @ Various Venues. This weekends Counterflows Festival (4th-6th) across Glasgow will fill the city with innovative, contemporary musical styles from the UK and around the globe. We highly recommend The Space Lady (See Sunday also), Ela Orleans and Golden Teacher to free your mind and keep you out of harms way of mundane music.
- 50 Years of Cole @ The Old Hairdressers.If it's Rock n Roll that fips yer wig however, then you may want to investigate tonight's line up at The Old Hairdressers. Celebrating the influence of Fred Cole, his music and vision.

Saturday 5th:
- Hydrapangaea @ The Kibble Palace. Fancy a bit of art in one of Glasgow's prettiest surroundings? If so, the Botanic Gardens is the place for you this Saturday afternoon. Human creation of myth, current geographical research and historical sociological interaction are the themes in which this specially curated group show will produce inside the Palace. The perfect way to ease yourself into a fortnight of Glasgow International arts festival.
- Nudes On Mars @ Stereo. The club night offering vintage trash, 60's pop hullabaloo and a get-down with Flore De Hoog and friends. Special guest tonight is Leon T. Pearl, who makes this way up from London for a midnight show of soulful, funky hip-hop, which will surely get the hipsters pulling shapes. Oh and it's god damn free!

- Black Tent @ Nice n Sleazys. The Errors boys pumping electronic sounds at their monthly club night.

Sunday 6th:
- El Rancho Live Presents... Let's Wrestle @ The Old Hairdressers. Let's Wrestle, Let's Fuckin' Wrestle!!! It's been years since LW have been up in Scotland and El Rancho are proud to be presenting them to you tonight. Guests include the wonderful Charles Howl from London and the wonderlust Kill Surrrf from Glasgow. Get your tickets now, available to your right on this very page!

- The Space Lady @ Kings Park. If you're out and about during the day, take a trip dan south, just across the water to Kings Park and see if you can find San Francisco's street busking veteran The Space Lady, playing an intimate one off show as part of the Counterflows fest.

Monday 31st:
- 241 @ All Good CInemas. With all that beer money spent and beer brain experienced this morning after El Rancho Live, we hope you were wise enough to cut out the 241 coupon in the Sunday Herald. You can catch one of El Rancho's film picks this week from The Double, Yves Saint Laurent or The Past. If we had to pick we'd be sippin' cola at The Double.

Tuesday 1st April:
- Status Quo @ O2 Academy. Whatever you want, whatever you need...Francis and Rick will provide it for you! Big licks from the band you secretly really wanna go and see! One of two nights at the Academy in Glasgow.

Arty Party On!

by Holly, Tuesday 31st March 2014
There's one real downside to being a fan of 1960s music, it's not running out of things to listen to…  there is always something new to discover, it seems to be the decade that keeps giving.  The one thing that I always wish I could do is see the bands I love live.  Imagine seeing Pink Floyd playing the UFO Club, Syd Barrett in his prime; or the Jimi Hendrix Experience in the flesh.

Seeing reformed (or those who've never given up a la The Stones) bands isn't always the experience you'd hoped it would be however.  I've learned that you need to go into these shows with low expectations after various crushing disappointing experiences, but when it's done well it's incredible.  I'll never forget seeing Arthur Lee & Love playing Forever Changes with an orchestra, The Zombies recreating, note perfect I might add, Odyssey & Oracle, and more personally having the honour of welcoming Glasgow legends The Poets to reform and play at Eyes Wide Open before George Gallagher so sadly passed away.

Another fine performance I'll now add to this list is Andwella playing in Belfast at Dr Crippens Waiting Room a few weeks ago.  Andwella may not be a name which is as instantly recognisable to everyone as Love or The Zombies, but much like The Poets to Glasgow, Andwella are local legends in Belfast, an iconic psychedelic band who started out as Andwella's Dream.  Frontman Dave Lewis was approached to play songs from the album 'Love And Poetry' for the first time in many, many years as part of the Dr Crippens Weekend.

Keeping to my new policy of expecting little, I hadn't really given the band much thought when heading to Belfast.  It's my favourite club, and a city I love so I was looking forward to catching up with friends and the DJs playing an excellent selection as always. I was pretty blown away with what I saw.  Bands are often criticised for 'reforming' with one original member, but in my experience the best performances have come from bands who have embraced the fresh approach brought by younger musicians backing them, and this was certainly the case with Andwella, where Lewis was ably backed by members of Thee Penny Dreadfuls and The Groundlings (two bands currently leading the garage rock revolution over the Irish Sea).  They carefully steered him into faithful but highly energetic renditions of tracks from the 1968 album, playing "Days Grew Longer For Love", "Man Without A Name" and climaxed in an unbelievable version of the 1970 single "Hold On To Your Mind" which made the recorded version sound a little lifeless in comparison,  which is quite a feat!

Unfortunately there aren't any plans for anymore shows at present as Dave Lewis is still playing music professionally in London, but after this performance it would be a crying shame if this was a one off.

I'll be playing records at the New Untouchables alternative to Le Beat Bespoke, this year celebrating the 50th anniversary of mod culture, Modstock happening in London this Easter.  It's just been announced that Kenny Jones & friends will be performing songs of The Small Faces, alongside Eddie Phillips from The Creation.  If they manage it half as well as Dave Lewis and The Dreadlings did for Andwella, we'll be in for a treat.

by El Rancho, Wednesday 26th March 2014
The first El Rancho live of 2014 lands on S-A-T-U... you know the rest...

Thursday 27th:
- Wild Beast @ The Arches. Go see them instead of Kate Bush for some suberb falsetto with (a little) less hype.
- Pinact @ The Roxy. Glasgow Garage is in rude health, it's even made it to the West End! An Electropapknit party with Pinact, Black International and Everythingwesayisfact.

Friday 28th:
- Amazing Snakeheads @ Broadcast. This residency makes months go by faster than their tunes! This is the third installment.
- Paulo Nutini @ King Tuts. A friend of mine cried when she heard the new Paulo Nutini song - and not because it was terrible! It'll be tough getting a ticket for this one, but plenty other good stuff on.
- Hot Club @ Sleazys. Now celebrating over 6 years in the Sleazy's basement. If club nights could talk...

Saturday 29th:
- El Rancho Live @ The Old Hairdressers. We're bringin' the hustle to you for the first time in '14. El Rancho Live presents... Catholic Action, The Rosy Crucifixtion and Asian Babes. El Rancho DJs will also be on hand for the dancin' afterwards. It'd be great to see you all again.

- The Men @ Broadcast. The Men have a great new album, Tomorrow's Hits, a great back catalogue, a great label and a great name. Also a great supporrt band, our very own leather punks, Baby Strange.

Sunday 30th:
- United Fruit @ Stereo. These lads bring tha noise while the support, Secret Motorbikes, bring the new album - first airing since it's release - go check it out here for a good time for a few bucks and in your living room now with a free download.
- Jim @ Big Slope. Jim plays songs which might make you worry your record collection isn't good enough, but you'll soon forget these simple troubles in a haze of pints, papers and pets.

Monday 31st:
- Howler @ King Tuts. NME darlings are joined by our darlings Kill Surrrf who have the best new song/video combo on the planet...

Tuesday 1st April:
- La Luz @ Mono. Seattle surf babes La Luz are joined by El Rancho babes Deathcats and Sharptooth. They are joined by ex Findo Gask members who play as BABE. I assume they are also good looking but you'll have to head along to find out.

It's almost stopped raining now no excuse not to take a stroll into town and be friendly...

by El Rancho, Wednesday 19th March 2014
A quiet week by our standards, but a few official Ranch events to come very soon, kicking off with the CCA residency...

Friday 21st:
- El Rancho @ CCA. We're back in Saramago's terrace bar this month, stocked full of new hits, pure pop for now people... New favourites Morgan Dealt, new records The Men 'Tomorrow's Hits', new downloads Secret Motorbikes 'Rum Punch', new shoes, socks, and T best band name...Perfect Pussy. Old belters as always.

Saturday 22nd:
- Deathcats @ Plan B Books. See Deathcats play downstairs in a bookshop, possibly for the last time as thier album comes out soon and they'll be really famous and be playing upstairs in the bookshop. Also playing is Passion Pusher, who has already released over 200 (yes, 'two' 'zero' 'zero') tunes this year. Playing in Plan B Books.

Sunday 23rd:
- Jim @ Big Slope. Hang out with Jim and his bitches (and dogs) and ease yersel into the week ahead.

Monday 24th:
- Earl Sweatshirt @ The Garage. A founding member of OFWGKTA when he was barely a teenager. Sent to a correctional school in Samoa for being a badass. Returned as a role model and retained his rap abilities. A rare thing.


by El Rancho, Wednesday 12th March 2014
So Secret Motorbikes dropped their new album last night, it's a smasher. Listen to it while you let El Rancho decide what to do this week...

Wednesday 12th:
- We Are Scientists @ ABC. The indie stalwarts/funny guys are in town before being joined by PAWS to tour Europe and the States (have fun lads!). Catch them with Superfood and the Heartbreaks tonight.

Thursday 13th:
- Trans @ CCA. Bernard Butler and Jackie McKeown (1990s) team up and form Trans. Supported by Eugene Tombs and their sex-laced jazz punk.


Friday 14th:
- Spook School @ 13th Note. Anyone read that Daily Mash article about the new Scotland football strip? Spook School and Tuff Love make up the latest Scottish indie disco crew. Joined by Ranch faves Sharptooth.

Saturday 15th:
- Ubre Blanca @ Nice n Sleazy. Experiments in pulsing synth percussion from members of Shitdisco, Divorce and Remember Remember. Augmented by DJ David Barbarossa for more futuristic classics.


Sunday 16th:
- Jim @ Big Slope. Slip into Sunday at the Slope. Selection of roasts for roasters looking for a food fix and a wonky tonk mix.

Monday 17th:
- Stiff Little Fingers @ Barrowlands. Attendence guarantees a Happy St Patricks Day!

Slàinte mhòr Ranch fans!

by John, Thursday 6th March 2014
We've got another special treat for you this week, as we welcome our buddy John Petrie to the blog. We met a good few years ago and bonded over the Jacuzzi Boys and King Khan, before finding a common love of The Soundways label and other worldly psych, synth and electronic sounds. This led to us teaming up and starting the Future Days club night in Glasgow. John currently resides in London, makes music under the name Falconry, and will be guest blogging on El Rancho every month with the weird and wonderful world of electronic music and beyond. Look out for his 'Future Days' column coming soon. First up is his own introduction, a review of one of his favourite albums, so over to John, enjoy...

When my mother was pregnant with me, there was a song that played on the radio a lot and it used to stop her in her tracks every time she heard it. She was pretty adamant at the time that I was going to be a girl, so she didn't give too much thought to the words she (thought she) heard. But after I was born the lyrics took on a particularly poignant meaning, and she used to sing them to me from time to time as I was growing up- "O Superman, O Jo-oohn, O Mom & Dad…"

I was always pretty chuffed that this song had foretold of my super-man status while I was in my fortress of solitude (read: mummy's tummy) and at some earlier point in our internet-age I decided to look it up to see if it offered any more nuggets of wisdom. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed when I heard the full pronunciation of "Judge" in the place where my name should have been. On the plus side, it served as an introduction to "Big Science", and anyway, my mum still thinks I'm special.

Over the last few months you will have no doubt have read the name Laurie Anderson, be it in passing reference or from direct quotes. She was married to Lou Reed and was his partner- both musically and personally- for over 20 years. Of the two, Lou was undoubtedly the most famous, but while he was a literate punk with his primary focus on song-craft, she was the true experimentalist (The Los Angeles Times has called her "the most important multimedia artist of our time") whose avant-garde works ended up spilling over into mainstream music- as opposed to the other way around for Lou. Anderson studied sculpture at Columbia University and her earliest musical compositions were originally recorded as accompaniments to art installations, as well as other works being released on poet John Giorno's label Giorno Poetry Systems- the most notable of which being "You're The Guy I Want To Share My Money With" a double album featuring Anderson, William S. Burroughs and Giorno himself. (Coincidentally, John Giorno's "Just Say No To Family Values" is one of my favourite ever pieces of spoken word poetry, a lot of lines from it get bandied about between my friend and I.)

When "O Superman" became an out-of-the-blue hit, Anderson was signed to Warner Brothers for a 7 album deal, and it was slapped on her first full length album entitled "Big Science".

The beauty of Big Science lies in its mixture of electronic and organic sounds. Synthesisers and primitive samplers blend with saxophones, violins, live drums and various hand-held percussion instruments (the song "Sweaters" even features bagpipes!), as well as many of the songs featuring that oh-so-polarising of instruments, the vocoder- the 80's version of auto-tune. The lyrics are very rarely sung, and so the music sort of serves as the backing to Laurie's spoken word poetry, which takes some getting used to; although on a song like "Born, Never Asked" the words and music barely meet, giving you a chance to really sink into those wonderful arrangements.

The influence of Laurie Anderson is very apparent in the current wave of female avant-pop artists that are cropping up in this fine decade- Julianna Barwick, Nite Jewel, Laurel Halo, and Julia Holter:

Heck, even Tune-Yards sounds like she built a whole career out of one Laurie Anderson song.

Now, it would be daft (and sexist) to think that Laurie's influence only extends to females, but her approach to music has set the blueprint for so many that followed. Who else at that time was single-mindedly pushing the boundaries of art and music within the confines of pop? (And please don't say Yoko Ono! As much as I admire her, she piggy-backed the success of her first husband far more than she did her third.) Was she the female Bowie? He would never be brave enough to make an album like Big Science. The musical Marina Abramovic? Ok, maybe that's pushing it. But she is an artist in its truest meaning- she has exhibited in some of the biggest and most respected galleries in the world; she has invented musical instruments, choreographed an Olympic opening ceremony, and collaborated with some of the biggest artist in numerous fields. It might seem daft at times, even irritating, but I can't think of another album that is so of its time, while simultaneously seeming so ahead of it, than Big Science.

"'Cause when love is gone, there's always justice.
And when justive is gone, there's always force.
And when force is gone, there's always Mom. Hi Mom!"

by El Rancho, Wednesday 5th March 2014
Crufts is on this weekend, but that's no excuse to get out and get on it. If you're felling 'RUFF!' just have a hair o the dug! So anyway, lots on, see you there...

Wednesday 5th:
- bdy_prts @ Nice n Sleazy a new project from Sparrow and The Workshop singer/guitarist Jill O'Sullivan and Jenny Reeve of Strike The Colours, release their debut single 'IDLU' tonight. Expect layered vocals, hooky beats, synths, guitars and some killer dance moves.

Thursday 6th:
- Mirror Lands @ CCA Another new collaboration premiering this week is Mark Lyken and Emma Dove's 'Mirror Lands', a film and sound installation exploring diverse relationships to place on The Black Isle in the Highlands of Scotland. As part of Cryptic Nights, which aims to cross creative boundaries with live visual, sound and sonic art.
- Fuun Haus @ Nice n Sleazy Plastic machines supplying XTC inducing, 100% bangers to acid heads.

Friday 7th:
- The Grand Budabest Hotel @ GFT Wes Anderson's latest and most eccentric film to date is officially released across the UK today. Get out and enjoy it on the big screen, until the 20th March, at our beloved GFT.
- Eagulls @ Nice n Sleazy. DIY anarchists who don't care for hair. Thrash punk which is a joy to get angry to and a live show which overshadowed Parquet Courts last time around. If that's not enough, Secret Motorbikes show up and win support band of the week.

Saturday 8th:
- TYCI IWD Fest @ Stereo. TYCI, in collaboration with Stereo, presents a very special International Women's Day Festival, taking over the venue with live music and performances. All proceeds go to Glasgow Women's Library. And as if by magic or pure coincidence? Nudes on Mars monthly club night runs from 11pm-3am, free entry and with more live music from Sharptooth! and Honey and The Herbs.
- CHVRCHES @ The Barrowlands They've sold out the Barrowlands now? Tickets still available for the Paris show!

Sunday 9th:
- Jim @ Big Slope. Slip through Sunday at the Slope. Good food, good music, papers and pints.

Tuesday 11th:
- Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures at CCA. The former half of Herman Dune, is a witty and observant storyteller who sings indie-pop-folk songs in a loveable Anglo-French accent (See 'Orange Juice' on El Rancho's Jan playlist). SB is backed by The Wave Pictures, who El Rancho caught just last month in Glasgow.

Enjoy the shows, and when you're not out and about, stay tuned to the Ranch for our latest guest blogger who joins us tomorrow!

by El Rancho, Wednesday 26th February 2014
We advise starting the weekend early this week, take your pick on Thursday...

Wednesday 26th:
- Danny Brown @ The Arches The thinking man's Odd Future, and still just as good fun. Fresh outta Detroit City, where the drinking age is now the same as this venue for some nights, but not for this one. Plus 14s on the door and 18s for the bevvy.

Thursday 27th:
- TOY @ King Tut's Taking the 60s psychedelic tendencies from thier comtemporaries, the Horrors, but with a krautrock edge and even better hair!
- Fruit Tones and Deathcats @ 13th Note The split tape launch featuring the great new power punk beast of a tune from Deathcats 'DREAMZ' and joined at the last minute by the Motorbros!

- Goblin @ Oran Mor. Italian horror soundtrack superstars perform as part of the film festival. Joined by Golden Teacher.

Friday 28th:
- Leisure System with John Hopkins @ Art School The Berlin-based record label and Berghain regulars come to Glasgow. Have it large and all that.
- Fat The Amazing Snakeheads @ Broadcast The second residency! Last month's went down a storm. Get angry.

Saturday 1st:
- Crystal Antlers @ CCA El Rancho have been fans since they were stunned by the epic 'Parting Song for the Torn Sky' which was released a few years back. Also famous for joining El Rancho's own Schnapps last time they were in town, this time it's Halfrican, we're sure it'll be just as messy and brilliant.

Sunday 2nd:
- Jim @ Big Slope. The Sunday Roast with Jim (Organs of Love/Wilson Tan) spinning tunes to help you slip into some wayward ways

Monday 3rd:
- Skaters and Drowners @ King Tut's New Yorkers via England in places. Dreamy boys dreaming they were the Strokes?

Tuesday 4th:
- Lupe Pintos Presents... Pachuko @ The Squid and Whale The menu will consist of 10 authentic Mexican street food treats, Tamales, Taquitos, chalupas, coctels de camarones. The tickets entitles you to any 5 dishes which you flag down as floor staff circle the bar to the sound of Saxophone peppered oldies that Los Pachukos loved so much....It's gonna be a rockin good night.

- Casual Sex @ Mono Fresh off the European Tour and joined by up some new Glasgow talent, Asian Babes and Tuff Love.

It's March! Make sure you catch some of the Film Festival this week too. El Rancho are busy making Springtime party plans...

by Holly, Monday 24th February 2014
We are delighted to welcome our close friend and fellow music enthusiast, Holly Calder to the El Rancho blog, and we can't wait to see and hear what psychedelic treats she will present to us every month. El Rancho and Holly go way back. For over a decade now we have worked together, supported each other's events and projects, and partied till the wee hours of the morning. The launch of Eyes Wide Open, a 60's psychedelic and garage rock n roll club night co founded by Holly was the start of a journey promoting amazing one off shows, alongside championing local bands. Holly's reputation as one of Glasgow's best DJ's has also taken her all over Europe, playing at Mod and Psych festivals regularly. Every month Holly will guest here on El Rancho with her column 'Eyes Wide Open' as our very own specialist in all that is... yes you guessed it PSYCH!

We hope you enjoy the trip, now it's over to Holly...

My love of psych started at a very early age. Thanks to my Dad I was brought up on a staple diet of Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd and I guess I've never looked back.  To me the man is a lyrical (and musical) genius, and his surreal and playful lyrics reeled me in from as far back as I can remember.  This was a particular favourite of mine as a small child.


I was sucked in from there on in, listening to classic psychedelic albums Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, Forever Changes and Magical Mystery Tour obsessively while growing up and delving into music by The Left Banke, The Zombies and then 60s garage in the wake of my introduction to The Strokes, The White Stripes and the 00s Detroit garage explosion.   

  The Nuggets compilations really made me realise how much incredible music there was to be discovered, so many incredible songs by so many bands.  From stalwarts such as The Sonics and The Music Machine, to the endless lists of 'one hit wonders' and such a variety different styles of music from across the globe.  This is something that's kept me fascinated, and has led to an obsession which has lasted 10 years, with no signs of letting up - I'm still constantly hearing 'new' records now.


My love of these records led me to begin collecting original psych & garage 45s, always hunting for something incredible you've never heard before, or that record you've spent years dreaming of owning.   A long time want I've recently acquired is this incredible Belgian 45 from 1969 by Joanna, called Hold-Up Inusité.


Although my love of psychedelic music is deeply rooted in 60s/early 70s records, the resurgence in the last few years of modern bands playing psychedelic music has made me really excited about new music again, in a way that I haven't been for some time. 

  My favourite of the current crop of bands doing something new with a psychedelic sound are Night Beats, a band based in Seattle who have released records on Trouble In Mind, Burger Records and Reverberation Appreciation Society.  Their second album 'Sonic Bloom' was released last Autumn, I'd say it's pretty essential listening. 


I've always loved live music, probably above all else, so it's amazing getting to see truly great bands playing music influenced by the music I love, today.  Festivals like Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, Levetation France and Austin Psych Fest existing and being so popular (seems like almost every city in Europe has their own Psych-fest these days) is incredible, and shows that once again there are endless bands to be discovered.  I'm heading to Austin for this year's Psych Fest after years of dreaming about it, and in researching the line up I'm already coming across new favourite bands – sure this will be talked about heavily in the next instalment of this blog!

This week's live fix will be coming from Temples. I first heard demos Temples had on Youtube back in summer 2012, and made some unsuccessful attempts at luring them to play in Glasgow. Things moved pretty quick for them, and they've been raved about in the music press since the release of their super debut single Shelter Song later that year. I think their show at Oran Mor is sold out, but you can catch them on the NME Tour with Interpol in March if you've missed out this time around. Their LP is finally out, and well worth a purchase.

Til next time…

by El Rancho, Thursday 20th February 2014

Did you hear Alex Turner's speech the other night at the Brits? "Rock n Roll will never die" he said. They've done very well for themselves, so they have, but indie music, and their pop chart guitar music never sounded like rock n roll to me! Isn't rock n roll supposed to be wild, sexy, dangerous and deranged? Shouldn't it be dark, weird, unconventional, stupid, fun and a bit scary? Shouldn't it sound like Fat White Family?

We stumbled across Fat White Family's debut album 'Champagne Holocaust' last October, and found their schizoid, fall-esque punk, demonic country and creeped out blues totally thrilling, falling in love with the track 'Is It Raining In Your Mouth' (featured in El Rancho's best of 2013 playlist) instantly. Check out this speedy live jam...

It's probably the most accessible track on the album, for those not in line with Royal Trux or Captain Beefheart's erratic freewheeling rock n roll. Check the opener 'Auto Neutron' for a lesson on what these guys are all about, with it's cult like chants, eerie mumblings and organ drone, it's the sound of London's young anarchists bringing their Lo-Fi psychedelic sound above ground. From the depths of their feverish and unhinged abode, FWF's east end squat reality somehow mirrors Goat's Swedish, forest dwellings/hideout in a séance of music and tribal, guttural, hedonism. This said, I can't help but set a desert campfire scene, with moonshine and peyote, the ouija board and naked women, and men.

Reminiscent of the awkwardly fabulous Country Teasers, FWF are mixing up a dark, unsettling potion, which looks set to put the weirdos back on top! We would DIE to see them at the fuckin' Brit awards, just the kind of scuzzy debauchery needed to shock the mainstream UK into realising it is way too boring, way too safe, way too sexless.

A split EP released on Christmas Day features the amazing and already recognisable FWF sound. In the tracks 'Wet Hot Beef, Pt. I & Pt. II', we get more of thier groove laden organ drones, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band's tension and bite and The Birthday Party's razor-sharp riffs. FWF are also a thrilling live proposal, with reviews of their gigs claiming to witness a real raucous scene, with sheer lunacy on stage and off.

Currently on the 'Tour Of Struggle' and throwing up in Glasgow's Broadcast this Friday 21st, we highly recommend you check this shit out. We'll be there, losing it.

Fat White Family's hot rock of a single 'Touch The Leather' is out March 3rd on Hate Hate Hate Records. Watch the tense, balls-out video here...

by El Rancho, Wednesday 19th February 2014
A big London vibe this week...

Wednesday 19th:
- Watch the BRIT awards?

Thursday 20th:
- Mono Presents: Cantina Cantina Psicodélica. Mono's spicy vegan menu accompanied by some heady jams, part dos.

Friday 21st:
- Fat White Family @ Broadcast. Featured in El Rancho's albums of the year and our favourite new band from south of the border for some time, it's Fat White Family! Creeping across the UK and hitting Broadcast with some deranged blues, rock n roll, and noiresque sleazecore in the style of Country Teasers and Captain Beefheart.
- El Rancho @ CCA El Rancho will be taking up its residency at Saramago again this month, with Dave Gow (Eugene Tombs) bringing his box of psych and punk records along to play for us (while we run down to Broadcast to catch FWF).

Saturday 22nd:
- Divine @ The Admiral Divine at the Admiral Bar. We don't get down to Divine as often as we would like these days, yet it still remains one of our favourite places to have a dance, and has been for over 18, yes 18 years!!!
- The Orwells @ Broadcast. Flower punk fans who channel the Strokes without the trust funds. This one is SOLD OUT so you'll need to charm the boys and buy them a drink. They'll be used to it as these young pups still can't get served Stateside! Check this out... first ever sofa sit performance?!

- Drenge, Traams and Deathcats @ Stereo. Latest batch of post-punk noise hunks, Drenge and Traams are both rather good and are joined by the El Rancho heroes Deathcats, who have a rather great new song and video - go hunt it down.

Sunday 23rd:
- Go and pick up the Sunday Herald for your free 241 voucher for the GFT's Monday night movie. Every Sunday, every Monday! Then take the paper to the Big Slope and read it while eating a Sunday Roast and listening to Jim spin tunes to turn the Sabbath day into Satan's darkness.

Monday 24th:
- Temples @ Oran Mor. The Beatles' B-Sides from the albums they might have released in the 70s.

Tuesday 25th:
- TRASH KIT @ The Old Hairdressers Painted faces, melodic graces.

Let's all go out and get Brahms and Liszt...

by El Rancho, Wednesday 12th February 2014
Let the love games commence...

Wednesday 12th:
- MILK Anti-Valentine's Party @ Flat 0/1. Hey look it's another classic El Rancho line up! Honeyblood, Secret Motorbikes, Yawns and more. We'll be there with our hearts on our sleeve!
- Suave Team Fuerte @ GSA. Another new night at the reopened Art School, this time it's our funny friend Jodi Cave (Eugene Tombs/Furhood) and his Portuguese pals make a nuisance of themselves.

Thursday 13th:
- Ezra Furman @ Broadcast. Our GIG OF THE WEEK. We caught them as Ezra Furman and the Harpoons many moons back at Primavera fest in Spain but the last offering 'Day Of The Dog' was one of our favorites last year, and is still getting airplay in 2014. Lennon meets Reed in a jittery pop punk rock n roll classic of an album. Can't wait!!

- PULSE @ GFT. Glasgow's Short Film Festival kicks off with the premier of PULSE, the new film by Ruth Paxton, accompanied by a live score from collaborator Dobrinka Tabakova.
- New Stuff Always Sux II @ Nice n Sleazys. Our next El Rancho party is coming up in March and features Catholic Action, one of the bands on the bill at at Sleazy's on this night. You might remember from the Picante Xmas party 2011, alongside Paws and Schnapps, they were called Male Pattern Band back then. We caught the new refreshed outfit at Deathcats the launch and we were suitably impressed.

Friday 14th:
- Valentines Day! Stay at home with your Pastels records.

Saturday 15th:
- Lux Lives in Glasgow! @ McChuills. Let's celebrate The Cramps OK! Los Tentakils, the Bucky Rage and hunners more.
- Speedy Ortiz and Joanna Gruseme @ Broadcast. Joanna Gruesome make a great racket check them out

Tuesday 18th:
- Of Montreal @ GSA. We've loved Of Montreal for years and years and years, yet never seen them live! This week that will change. If you like indie pop, and psychedelic glam stompers alongside weird Lo-FI vaudeville then, well, look no further. Born outta the Elephant 6 collective which house many of our other favorites like Neutral Milk Hotel, Apples In Stereo and The Olivia Tremor Control.

Stick the lips on them!

by El Rancho, Wednesday 5th February 2014
Get back on it...

Wednesday 5th:
- Sarah Lucas @ The Tramway. This exhibition runs throughout Feb and until 16th of March, so you've got loads of time to check it out, but we recommend you get along sooner than later!
- Anna Calvi @ The Arches So Brian Eno reckons she's the best thing since Patti Smith.

Friday 7th:
- PAWS @ Mono. Safe to say things are looking bright for Paws in 2014, with another tour and new album in the pipeline. The Sean Armstrong Experience are on hand to support, so you'll see us there as we love those oddballs.
- Kevin Devine (Broken Social Scene) @ Nice n Sleazys

Saturday 8th:
- Andrew Weatherall @ Berkeley Suite

Sunday 9th:
- Tav Falco's Panther Burns @ Broadcast. Legendary punk blues, friends of Alex Chilton.

Monday 10th:
Phoenix @ The Barrowland Ballroom

Tuesday 11th:
- Dead Beet Records Launch Party @ The Old Hairdressers Catch Halfrican and Sharptooth in our favourite spot.

Part of El Rancho will also be in London trying to find Prince! Have a good one!

by El Rancho, Wednesday 29th January 2014
Another action packed week for fans of fun...

Wednesday 29th:
- The last January Blues Supper at the Old Hairdressers - live music and grub for a fiver

Thursday 30th:
- The Wave Pictures at Mono with Eugene Tombs and The Yawns! So basically The Wave Pictures are back in Glasgow again and they're not to be missed. Support comes from two of our Glasgow favorites!
- Golden Teacher @ Pleasure Garden. A new weekly shindig of dance related debauchery at the Art School. Kicking off with Glasgow based Dinosaur L loving Golden Teacher.

Friday 31tst:
- Fuzzkill Records @ 13th Note. The label our feline buddy's Deathcats call home are putting on another Glasgow show with heavy riffs galore! Kill Surrrf, another El Rancho fav doing the business this week on the bill!
- Sound City documentary premieres on BBC Four. We don't recommend staying in so get this on iPlayer with a gentle hangover and get ready for kicking off February with a big one...

Saturday 1st:
- Bill Callahan at ABC. Well, where do we start on our love of Smog? Hearing 'Red Apple Falls' in 97, was love at first listen, we've been with him ever since. The latest abum 'Dream River' has stretched his musical canvas across the American landscape with such beauty, we can't wait to hear it live.
- The Amazing Snakeheads at Broadcast's new late night residency. Sorry but it's another of El Rancho's current Glasgow favorites!
- Black Tent at Sleazy's- Errors DJs

Sunday 2nd:
- Big Slope's Sunday Roast with Jim (Organs of Love/Wilson Tan) playing tunes to help you slip into some wayward ways, every Sunday…

Monday 3rd:
- Opening gala of Glasgow Youth FIlm Festival.We Are the Best! at the GFT

Tuesday 4th:
- Teenage at GFT. Another film to finish this week off, but it was a hefty weekend so you might need it. Soundtracked by Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound

We'll buy you a drink, get us back next week!

by El Rancho, Tuesday 28th January 2014
El Rancho have had much fun down the years in Barcelona for this one. Anyone gonna venture over this time? Sunday looks like the winner for me!

Plenty of Glasweigians in there as well. Spot them.
Probably won't see you there!

by El Rancho, Wednesday 22nd January 2014
A busy one this week folks...

Wednesday 22nd:
- Connan Mockasin at King Tuts - Have you heard psychedelic pop smooth jazz and weird dreamy R n B from one man?
- Every Wed through January, The Old Hairdresser's on Renfield Lane has been hosting a blues supper, and every week has seen a packed bar enjoying some great one off performances, while tucking in to some tasty vegan scran!
- Why not carry on the unusual with Not Moving at Sleazys? Featuring Carl from Clandestine Records and much more...

Thursday 23rd:
- The date circled on many a Glaswegian's calendar, and the hottest ticket in town this week! The Art Schools Reopening Party, sees Croc vs Croc curate the new Vic Bar and The Assembly Hall with a beast of line up...

Friday 24th:
- One of our favorite new bands on the Glasgow block are Eugene Tombs, and they're playing The Hot Club, at one of our favorite night spots, Nice n Sleazys...

Saturday 25th:
- El Rancho DJ set at Stereo 9pm - 3am!!!

Sunday 26th:
- Big Slope's Sunday Roast with Jim (Organs of Love/Wilson Tan) playing tunes to help you slip into some wayward ways, every Sunday…

Tuesday 28th:
- One of Glasgow's best dancefloor DJ's Duncan Harvey celebrates a year of rock n rollin on a Tuesday night at Voodoo Voodoo...

Have fun, maybe catch you down there!

by El Rancho, Tuesday 21st January 2014
El Rancho is very excited to hear that Let's Wrestle are going to be releasing they're third album on February 10th. From what I understand, it's been quite a long time in the making, with songs written over a year ago but the band taking their time over production, including adding the calling card of the maturing pop band - a string section.

It's a rare thing to be able to follow a band grow up over the course of three albums, especially with seemingly very little commercial success. But musically at least they've come a long way from the self titled debut single which was spun regularly at El Rancho Picante almost 5 years ago.

As frontman Wesley Patrick Gonzales says with similar wit to a Let's Wrestle lyric, they are an 'amateur band' (despite having a professional command over songwriting, their instruments and their live show). It's kinda similar, although not in sound, to Pissed Jeans. Releasing continually great music despite having to hold down day jobs, singing about middle managers and daily drudgery rather than what they might be musing on if they were able to say 'rock star' on their CV.

Maybe we're gonna see a lot more of this in the Spotify age.

It certainly rings true in the teaser single for the new album, Codeine and Marshmallows , which sees Gonzalez listening to country music and comparing Stoke Newington to the Old West - and maybe he'd be lording it up in a ranch right now if he was around in the 60's, given his talents and undoubtedly ambitious vision for his music.

I would explore the theme further but I've got to go to bed and get up for work, can't all be full time rock journos these days.

by El Rancho, Wednesday 15th January 2014
'Always go to the gig', a phrase we like to live by at the Ranch headquarters. So to help you just decide which ones, or what else to do of a night or day, we're gonna try to distill what's going on every week in Glasgow (and maybe further afield). Here goes…

…El Rancho's look at the week ahead...

Thursday 16th:
- Mono presents: Cantina Psicodélica - Hot Vegan Food and Heady Jams

Friday 17th:
- El Rancho at CCA - El Rancho DJs will be rockin' the oldest and newest hits around upstairs in the Terrace Bar.

Saturday 18th:
- The Pop Group, Sexual Objects at ABC
- Deer Tick at Broadcast

Sunday 19th:
- Big Slope's Sunday Roast with Jim (Organs of Love/Wilson Tan) playing tunes to help you slip into some wayward ways, every Sunday…
- The Clutha Fundraiser at BAaD - The Shiverin' Sheiks The Basement Boogie-Men David Duffy Papa Shandy & the Drams, Danny 'Greenman' O'Brien and Davie Stone the DJ

Monday 20th:
- Adam Green at Broadcast

Tuesday 21st:
- The Hunger at GFT

Have fun, maybe catch you down there!

by El Rancho, Wednesday 8th January 2014
Happy New Year Ranch fans. We've had a few track list requests for El Rancho's best of 2013 mix, which is still available here. So here you go, 54 beauties as you hear them...

Foxygen - No Destruction
The Sufis - No Expression
Jacco Gardner - Clear the Air
Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs - Things We Be
Of Montreal - Belle Glade Missionaries
Fat White Family - Is It Raining in Your Mouth?
Parquet Courts - You've Got Me Wonderin' Now
The Howling Hex - Highlights
Ezra Furman - Tell Em All to Go to Hell
Promised Land Sound - Cool Me Down
The Holydrug Couple - Follow Your Way
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - So Good At Being in Trouble
Connan Mockasin - I'm The Man, That Will Find You
Julia Holter - In The Green Wild
John Grant - Ernest Borgnine
Blood Orange - You're Not Good Enough
Cayucas - High School Lover
The Stepkids - Sweet Salvation
William Onyeabor - Fantastic Man
Juana Molina - Final Feliz
Melt Yourself Down - Kingdom of Kush
White Denim - At Night In Dreams
Houndstooth - Francis
Brazos - How the Ranks Was Won
Daughn Gibson - The Sound Of Law
Beach Fossils - Generational Synthetic
Terror of the Deep - Here and Now
Dick Diver - Bondi 98
Camperdown & Out - Down and Out
Mikal Cronin - I'm Done Running From You
Fuzz - One
Fatal Jamz - Scorpion Chain
The Garden - I'm A Woman
Halfrican - Hot! Hot! Hot!
Memories - En Espanol
Tyvek - City of a Dream
White Fang - Strange Feeling
Telegram - Follow
Montero - Glam Campbell
Jonathan Rado - Hand in Mine
The Dirtbombs - Jump And Shout
Cherry Glazerr - Teenage Girl
Peach Kelli Pop - Dreamphone
Yuppies - Hitchin' a Ride
Night Beats - The Hidden Circle
Tomorrows Tulips - Flowers On The Wall
Courtney Barnett - Avant Gardener
Kurt Vile - Wakin On A Pretty Day
Shovels & Rope - Birmingham
Matthew E. White - Steady Pace
Bill Callahan - Javelin Unlanding
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street
Cassandra Jenkins The Bird
Thee Oh Sees - Minotaur.

There's an easy-to-handle Spotify playlist for you too, if you want it just drop us a line and we'll share it with you pronto.

Can we just point out that although we tried our best to define El Rancho's year, unfortunately a few songs which should have made it on here slipped through the mind! This mix should have included:

The Go - Dirty Room
Cass McCombs (feat Karen Black) -  Brighter!
Temples - Shelter Song

I'm off to listen to January.

by El Rancho, Tuesday 24th Dec 2013

Ho Ho Ho Y'all! Every year since the Christmas of 2004, El Rancho has been rounding up the best songs of the year (according to myself, Jnr Crawford) and burning them to CD's for friends, and it's safe to say they have become as intrinsic to Christmas as mince pies and mulled wine. The last few years have seen the 'Best of' mixes grow in size, with social media sites and file sharing sites making it easy to expand the mix and share. Last year's 2 hour 'Beast Of' mix was enjoyed by friends all across the world, during Christmas and New Year parties and into 2013. So once again, this year's most loved, played and shared songs have made it onto El Rancho's round up, and it's bigger than ever! If you've been down at any of our live shows at The Old Hairdressers, or our monthly residency at Saramago, then you might be familiar with some of the music on this 51 track monster mix that runs for well over 3 hours!

There are so many amazing songs on here, but I will put my hand up to say Courtney Barnett's 'Avant Gardener' is my absolute favorite of the year! You'll find it 47 songs in, (sorry about the unpredicted and annoying computer glitches in the middle, it only happens once, why that song?) at around 2 hours 39 seconds, but I suggest you just click play from the start, take the ride, start the party and let the measured mind of El Rancho see you through the year.

Download the mix now!


Merry Christmas everyone!

by El Rancho, Saturday 21st Dec 2013
Halfrican join in Green Door's birthday celebrations on Saturday, with a host of bands who have recorded in the studio throughout the year, including recent Domino signings The Amazing Snakeheads and Glasgow's new psych rock troupe Eugene Tombs.

This will be Halfrican's final gig of a busy, fun filled, and productive year. El Rancho released their debut EP 'Hot! Hot! Hot! in April which sold out mid way through their Spanish tour in October. We repressed an extra 50 tapes which are on their way out too! They also recorded a split cassette with White Pages (USA), on Number4Door, which is also sold out. A 10 date tour of Spain, shows in London, and regular gigs around Glasgow including shows with King Tuff, Kid Congo, Casual Sex and Paws, have made Halfrican one of Glasgow's best live bands. The band have demoed another ton of tracks at Green Door and The Glue Factory, so it looks like next year is going to kick off when the ball drops!

If you haven't seen them yet (I really don't know where you've been), get along this Saturday! It's only a quid in with a free sampler CD to the first 100. Don't go slow!

by El Rancho, Tuesday 17th Dec 2013
El Rancho is seeing out the New Year with double festive fun this week, and an early Christmas present to all the good people who have partied through 2013 with us. For one last night this year, The Old Hairdressers will featuring the suave and sophisticated sounds of Culture&Leisure (who'll be bringing their legendary 'We Enjoy Music' sound system to the gallery for our audio pleasure). They will be joined by The Sean Armstrong Experience, who return to the ranch after a crazy show in the bar earlier this year. Find out more below...

Round two of the doubler header is an absolute beast! A 6 hour DJ set at our monthly residency at Saramago. The first 3 hours we will round up all that has been on heavy rotation throughout 2013, and as midnight strikes anything goes! Classic El Rancho party vibes will ensue, with Pabs Debussy (Paul from Franz Ferdinand) joining in the record spinning. Full details in the link below...

by El Rancho, Tuesday 26th Nov 2013

El Rancho Live is back after one-month hiatus which has seen a tour of Spain and the arrival of guests from across the Atlantic, but we're still up for a party if you are...

...playing live we have...


The Shithawks (Dundee)


Deathcats will be our special guests this evening!

... and taking us into December, celebrating the official launch the party season 2013/14, El Rancho DJ's will be spinning the finest cuts of rock and roll in our disco domain.

So get your frocks on and freak out, all for the price of a cinnamon latte, 4 POUNDS IN.

by El Rancho, Thursday 14th Oct 2013

From the ashes of The Izzys, one of El Rancho's all time favourite bands, to one of our new favourites, we present to you, Slings and Arrows.

Disillusioned by the harsh world of the music industry, and 10 years playing in circles, The Izzys main man, Mike Storey decided it was time for a different approach if he was to stay in the game. Realised as an online musical project, Mike started writing one song at a time, recording it's skeleton, and piecing it together and building it up in a variety of settings and cities. Seeking out and sneaking into old theatres, singing in stairwells off Broadway, traveling to his hometown of Baltimore to play with old friends, recording onto tape on mobile recording equipment and mixing it back in his Brooklyn apartment, in his adopted city of New York. Slings and Arrows is DIY with big ideas and ambition.

Two digital releases exist (free here on The Furies EP featuring 5 wonderful tracks of catchy Beatles esque Abby Road psychedelia, rootsy, southern soul with flourishes of Americana, harmony pop, topped with Lennon like vocals, and vivid lyrical imagery, of dreams, lonesome seas, Greek mythological and nomadic quests. The Zing Zing Zing double A side features the line "What would it be, if it'd be what it would?" and is another two tracks of uplifting, blissed out pop perfection.

Alongside these recordings there are two videos made by film maker Lee Gingold which capture Slings and Arrows as they are to be understood, in completely opposite settings, in different styles and with various cast of friends. See 'We Sail on Cowboy Clouds' ( from 'The Furies' EP and 'Billy Bones' ( for proof.

Traveling solo and taking the collective vibe on the road, Slings and Arrows will be made up of different singers and musicians, in different towns. This is a one off, debut Scottish show. Make it along and make it a special night. There is a big possibility we could all end up on the next Slings and Arrows recording, so get ready to clap, stomp, sing and hum.

The show is free and takes place in the Saramago terrace bar with El Rancho DJs playing alongside the live performance.

There will also be a number of limited edition (100), hand numbered 7", available to buy on the night, featuring "I Saw The Furies Floating By' b/w 'Zing Zing Zing'. A real collector item folks!

Keep up to date with what's going down on the event page over on Facebook.

Peace and Blessings x
by El Rancho, Friday 18th Oct 2013
by El Rancho, Wednesday 16th Oct 2013
by El Rancho, Sunday 13th Oct 2013
by El Rancho, Saturday 12th Oct 2013
by El Rancho, Friday 11th Oct 2013
by El Rancho, Thursday 10th Oct 2013
by El Rancho, Thursday 26th Sept 2013
In just over 2 weeks time, El Rancho and Halfrican are hitting Spain for a 10 day tour which will take in Santiago, Vigo, Madrid, San Sebastian, Zaragoza, Pamplona and Barcelona.

To celebrate and to warm up for the tour we are throwing a FUN-draiser!! 7 bands + DJs!!. This Saturday 28th September at The Old Hairdressers, from 7pm-1am, and all for £5.00!

Playing live...Halfrican, SWAP ( PAWS playing covers), Future Glue, Ken Da Koalah, The Jackhammers, Pinact, Tuff Love with DJs...El Rancho & Vintage Voltage.

Nothing is cheap and touring Spain ain't gonna be either! Please show your support and come out for some live music, dancing and help us fuel our car, keep us fed and watered and returned to Glasgow in one piece!
by El Rancho, Thursday 19th Sept 2013
This Friday we will officially launch the new El Rancho Records blog at Glasgow's hippest terrace bar hangout, Saramago at the CCA. It just so happens that El Rancho's monthly residency is this Friday (and every 3rd Friday of the month) at Saramago, so it made sense to make it a little party out of it. El Rancho DJs will be rockin' the decks and laptop, laying down the oldest and newest hits around, smooth and scruffy from above and beyond.

If you're reading this post then you have made it! Put in your favorites, log it in your bookmarks toolbar, and visit us when you need a little musical inspiration, new or old, manic and mellow...

The blog will serve as El Rancho's home for the label but with prominence going on reviews, previews, interviews, monthly mixes, videos, general goings on and maybe a wee bit of gossip!

It will also bring the Facebook page and Twitter feed together as one, so you'll never miss where and when we're firing off hot links! You can sign up at the bottom of this page to get the latest posts, first!

We hope you can make it along and show your support.

Peace & Blessings!
by El Rancho, Wednesday 18th Sept 2013
Here at El Rancho we love discovering music that blows our socks off, new and old, mellow and manic. We love getting obsessed, listening on repeat mode, and telling anyone who'll listen about the new music ruling our world. Recently we have fallen in love with Nashville's Southern swampers, Promised Land Sound, and now we cross the world for something completely different...

On Monday afternoon we discovered 'The Loving Gaze', the debut album by Montero, an audacious Australian supergroup based around the creatively adept output of Ben Montero. 'The Loving Gaze' takes you on a dreamy, psychedelic trip from start to finish. It's a fearless debut and one of the best we've heard in a long time. The albums first track "Adriana" instantly grabs your attention, softly kicking off with trumpets, flutes, piano, synthesizers, echo heavy vocals, and blissed out harmonies that end with an affirmative mantra of "I'll take good care of you, you'll never be alone". From the beginning and throughout the album there is a spiritual vibe at the core of the songs, a sense of positivity and hope, which is quite powerful once you let yourself into the flow of the record. Montero undeniably tap into Mercury Rev's ghostly beauty on "BC", and there is a reverberation of their influence in most of the tracks, however less eerie. Elsewhere lyrically there are traces of R Stevie Moore tackling a bold 70's soft-rock opus, to great effect. There are also a few psychedelic pop numbers "Dead Heads Come To Dinner", "Glam Campbell" and a little freak out "Taste The Carbonation" that remind us of a Neil Michael Hagerty if he kept his wild propulsive jazz prog on a more joyful, spectral path. The great thing is, that Montero sound timeless, and they are confidently searching through the boundaries of a bygone era of music, and keeping it alive and relative to in today's world. The album moves at steady pace, it's a smooth and seductive affair, full of lush harmonies, swishing synths, and 'those were the days' feelgood factor. Recommended for fans of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti's 'Before Today', Gayngs 'Relayted', Destroyer's 'Kaputt' and Foxygen's 'We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic'.

The full album is streaming on the Mess & Noise website before it's release on Friday 20th Sept through Mistletone/Inertia. Follow this link to listen to what we are putting down as one of the albums of the year....
by El Rancho, Thursday 12th Sept 2013
What have we here then? More young upstarts from the endless American garage band revival? Well, yes and no. Hailing from the dusty, ancestral streets of Music City, Nashville come Promised Land Sound. Sounding like Gram Parsons affected Byrds, with the swagger of the Stones, in full Creedence boogie, and comparable to The Old Crow Medicine Show, minus the fiddles and given a slick lick of pedal steel and a night down in the Honky Tonk. OK, so no one likes throwing comparisons around, it's a little unfair, though who would disassociate themselves from those guys? Although Promised Land Sound are relatively young, they have a grasp of the rich musical heritage of America and openly their home town, binding together country rock, southern soul, rock n roll and pop with honesty and ease. In a similar way The Band freely combined rock 'n' roll, old time country, soul, gospel and jazz into their music, PLS weave their influences into original and authentic new sounds. Where their garage band counterparts brashly cut to the jugular, PSL sound is like a slow cooked, boiled up and simmered down gumbo, raucous and mellow, tender and spicy, with all the flavors identifiable, yet as one. Tasty stuff!

They have released a live 7" on Jack White's Third Man imprint, as well as releasing the stunning 'Stoned Eagle' EP, which has been on repeat down the ranch for the last few months, since it's discovery. Being huge fans of Natural Child, Denney and The Jetts, Deer Tick and Turf War, once we heard the opening chords of 'The Big Easy' we were sold and signed up. One striking element of the EP is the impressive songwriting, which hones in on Eagles-esque rocking, big catchy choruses, scruffy bourbon signing, perfect pop harmonies, laid back shuffles and soulful, R&B grooves, all played with outstanding musicianship, and never sounding forced, a pastiche or retro. Promised Land Sound have a confidence in their music, something that signals good times ahead and more great music. They satisfy El Rancho's country love no end and we really can't wait to get a hold of the album later this month.

You can stream and buy the 'Stoned Eagle' EP here.

The debut album 'Promised Land Sound' is out September 24th on the excellent Paradise Of Bachelors label.
by El Rancho, Sunday 8th Sept 2013
If you're reading this then we have survived the road and the party. If you are reading this you have survived too! But how long can we go on? We are zoom a zoom zooming up the motorway, bound for The Old Hairdressers and tonight's gig with those gnarly mutts Deathcats, Pinact and Min Diesel. Come and stay alive!

by El Rancho, Saturday 7th Sept 2013
Today is Cassette Store Day and to celebrate Halfrican release their new split tape with Americas White Pages at the El Rancho Records show at the Dalston Victoria this evening.

Doors are at 8pm and it's only £5 in! If you're still in Glasgow and missed the bus you can pop into Mono or Love Music and pick up a tape today! Tape's are not just for Cassette Store Day, they're for life. Here's a small selection from my collection...

by El Rancho, Saturday 7th Sept 2013
BEAT Magazine know there stuff. So much so they got in touch and asked if they could do a little profile on El Rancho. They asked us a few questions and we made them a little sampler. You can read and listen to it all right by clicking the BEAT logo below....

by El Rancho, Wednesday 4th Sept 2013
Those kids at the NME can't get enough of the Glasgow garage sounds, this week they're digging our favourite flower-fuzz trio, Halfrican. Check out the HOT! HOT! HOT! EP on El Rancho for the 69 seconds of Disciple they are on about... plus the other 524 which is just as rad! Just click on the 'Music' tab above to have a listen, and grab a copy of the tape if you like what you hear!

Hopefully the top brass will be popping along from the NME office to check out the boys live on Saturday night at the Dalston Vic.
by El Rancho, Sunday 1st Sept 2013
The clock is now ticking until the first ever El Rancho Live show in London, next Saturday, 7 September at the Victoria in Dalston. We can't wait to show-off Halfrican, Secret Motorbikes and Apps to the capital.

We'll be hitting the road early morning, stopping-off for a Beef Growler at Tebay services, then heading straight to the gig. Make sure all your best buds know about it, we guarantee good times!

by El Rancho, Sunday 1st Sept 2013
Rock and roll-up people! Welcome to the new and improved home of El Rancho records, we hope you like it. Log on for regular musings on music, to hear about our party plans and to generally see what's on our minds or in our ears. We hope we can keep you entertained.

To celebrate this great new slice of the internet we'll be heading to see Eleanor Friedburger, live, tonight, Broadcast! Remember, always go to the gig.